How To Weatherproof Your Garden Furniture

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How To Weatherproof Your Garden Furnitureby greentipson.How To Weatherproof Your Garden Furniture
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The one thing that Britain guarantees us is interesting weather, so you never know when you might need to protect your garden furniture, even if it’s the height of summer. Therefore, you may need to weatherproof your garden furniture throughout the year. There are multiple ways to do this, ranging from buying specific types of furniture, to regular maintenance.

Often, you will be able to use more than one option to protect your furniture. Use whatever works for you, and is most suitable for your garden. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and overtime, you will discover the best solutions for your garden.

Buy Waterproof Garden Furniture

This is the easiest way to weatherproof your furniture. Buy the items that are waterproof, such as items made from resin or plastic, which will survive the weathering much better. Most of resin or plastic items come with aluminium frames, which may not make an attractive option if you would prefer to have the wood products for a more rustic look.

If that’s your preference, largely oil-based wood such as teak is also waterproof. It won’t survive the weather-exposure as much as plastic will, but if protected well, it can be a good alternative.

Clean & Treat Your Garden Furniture

Coat your outdoor furniture with marine varnish every couple of years to waterproof your furniture. Marine varnish is suitable for natural wicker and unfinished rattan. You can also get hardwood sprays in a variety of colors. They build up a water-resistant layer on the wood’s surface. If you are not sure what varnish is right for your furniture, ask your local garden center for advice or check online.

However, thoroughly clean your furniture before you treat it, otherwise you will just capture the dirt with the layer of varnish. The waterproofing will not last long if your furniture isn’t properly cleaned.

Use a Parasol or Gazebo

Parasols and Gazebos can make an attractive, year-round-feature in your garden, giving protection from heat and rain. Gazebos can be elaborate wood structure that would make a stunning centerpiece, or you can get a portable parasol that you can easily put away.

Use Waterproof Covers

You can use waterproof covers to protect your furniture from weather, as well as dust and rust. They will keep your furniture clean, and add years to their lifespan. Covers can be easily cleaned, and you can even enjoy different looks in your garden by using multiple covers. Make it a seasonal thing and have a new design for every season, and it will feel like you have brand new furniture.

Store Furniture Indoors

If the weather takes a particularly nasty turn, such as incessant storms and rain, then temporarily storing your furniture indoors may be the right option. Too much exposure to extreme weather will adversely affect your pieces, even if they are waterproofed and treated.

The whole point of maintaining a nice garden is to be able to enjoy it. Having nice garden furniture that you can make use of makes your garden a more inviting place, and more likely to be utilized frequently. Therefore, look after your furniture, and make the most of your personal outdoor space.

Do you have any more suggestions for weatherproofing your furniture? Let us know in the comments.

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